Our task is clear. To provide superb quality parts to precise specifications, within and agreed upon time in the service of our customers.

Our tactical plan is sound and time-tested. We recognize that our greatest asset is our people, their abilities, and their self-quality. We believe in our people.

Further, we believe that the quality is meticulously and painstakingly installed by the skilled tradespeople of Five Star Industries. Our Quality control people audit that quality to verify and document it's existence.

The men and women of Five Star Industries are a team of judiciously selected professionals whose constant singular goal, notwithstanding job assignment, is to achieve a daily performance level of operation that will assure reliability unsurpassed within our industry. The integrity of these special people promotes a strong dedication to superior quality in our pursuit of excellence.

Our pride shows. Just ask us. Or, better still, challenge our team, give us an opportunity to satisfy your needs in a timely fashion, and ship it right the first time


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